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Promoting Refugee and Community Wellness Toolkit


 The Promoting Refugee and Community Wellness guide, a publication exploring the connections between wellness and welcoming communities. Created in partnership by the National Partnership for Community Training and Welcoming America, the webinar will focus on how those from diverse sectors – such as academics, employers, health providers, and neighbors - can create a vibrant ecosystem that supports refugee and community wellness.

Welcoming and Integrating Refugee Professionals Webinar

Archived Webinar

The refugee images from overseas emphasize war and poverty, leading many in the receiving community to think of refugees only in terms of their needs, rather than their many potential contributions.  Few consider refugee professionals: the many doctors, lawyers, engineers, accountants, teachers, and others who make their way to the U.S. and work to rebuild not only their lives, but their careers.

Building Welcoming Schools Webinar

Archived Webinar

This webinar marked the release of the Building Welcoming Schools guide, a collection of six activities designed to offer schools and after school learning centers an easily accessible way to promote a welcoming school and participate in Welcoming America’s Welcoming Week.

Building Welcoming Schools


A Guide for K-12 Educators and After-School Providers

Ensuring refugee and immigrant students and their families feel welcome and accepted in their school environments is not only foundational for their academic success, but their longer-term economic and social success, as well. Welcoming Refugees has created this toolkit to offer schools and after school learning centers an easily accessible way to promote a welcoming school.