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Building Welcoming Schools Webinar

Archived Webinar

This webinar marked the release of the Building Welcoming Schools guide, a collection of six activities designed to offer schools and after school learning centers an easily accessible way to promote a welcoming school and participate in Welcoming America’s Welcoming Week.

Building Welcoming Schools


A Guide for K-12 Educators and After-School Providers

Ensuring refugee and immigrant students and their families feel welcome and accepted in their school environments is not only foundational for their academic success, but their longer-term economic and social success, as well. Welcoming Refugees has created this toolkit to offer schools and after school learning centers an easily accessible way to promote a welcoming school.

Seeds of Growth


Is your community harnessing the potential of immigrant entrepreneurs to spur economic growth and job creation? This tool will introduce you to practical ways to leverage the opportunities that exist when you include immigrant entrepreneurs in local economic development strategies and programs.

Strategic Communications Refresher

Archived Webinar

As you plan for the year ahead, join Welcoming America for a strategic communications refresher to help you address anticipated challenges and new opportunities to share your message in 2017. In this webinar, you will learn how to manage challenging communications situations through proactive, positive messaging that creates greater welcome for refugees. Amanda Cooper, author of our toolkits Reframing Refugees: Messaging Toolkit and Stand Together: Messaging about Muslims and Refugees in Challenging Times, will join us for a review of these two important resources.

What Germany Taught Us About Welcoming Refugees

Archived Webinar

Listen into a discussion with four participants from the 2016 Welcoming Communities Transatlantic Exchange. Learn more about what Germany is doing at this historic time to welcome refugees. Panelists share their greatest lessons learned from the exchange and good ideas for replication back in the United States. Details on how to apply for the 2017 Welcoming Communities Transatlantic Exchange are covered.